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Muuh, adventurous

Curious? You really think you want to find out more about me? Already online:

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Soon to come:

Muuhthical Beginnings : A sad and gruesome story of muuhtilation and childhood traumata
Muuhsophy : Pearls of wisdom (and muuhterialism)
My Famuuhly : It's never too late to have a happy childhood!

Muuh York was made for adventurous cows:

Sticking your horns into a picture, you can compete with the skyscrapers.

In Central Park, you will scare miniature dogs (sometimes, it even works on the big ones).

You can found a cult, and gather a devoted group of followers among seemingly adult, educated people.

You can be your own little Statue of Liberty, pose against the most magnificent backdrops and look drop-dead gorgeous doing all that: Muuh York, city of Muuhdels!

Did you know Muuh Yorkers are very open to flirting ? Just blink at them with your glassy eyes, and wait what happens ...

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