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Muuh, adventurous

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Muuhthical Beginnings : A sad and gruesome story of muuhtilation and childhood traumata
Muuhsophy : Pearls of wisdom (and muuhterialism)
My Famuuhly : It's never too late to have a happy childhood!

You always thought of Holstein cows as black and white, right? But "blue and grey" appeals to me as immensely professional - and that's what I am: thoughtful counselor, sophisticated philosopher, first-class traveler, business cow. But, alas, I cannot entirely conceal my mixed feelings regarding greying temples.
Read more about appearances and the ravages of time in my "Wanted" section - especially if you may be able to help!

Wanted - plastic surgery: A new coat for a middle-aged cow
You'll also learn everything you (n)ever wanted to know about

Travel : There's nothing like it for broadening the mind (and collecting miles)
Muuhphistication : After all, I'm a Highbrow Holstein
Friends : Quite a mixed bunch, but united in acknowledgement of my superiority
Rituals : Every good cult needs them! A certain fixation on cleaning rites might be diagnosed...
Recipes : To make your picnic almost as good as a Muuh adventure club picnic
Muuh York : What a backdrop for a handsome soft toy!
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