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Muuh Muuhkuh's O'badzda (courtesy of Frank)

(also: Obadzda, Obazda, O'bazda, Obatzda, Obatzder, Obadzter etc.)

A Bavarian recipe for a cheese spread that needs a certain context to perform well. The natural habitat for O'badzda is the ' Biergarten ' (where you bring your own food), meaning summer, chestnut trees over communal tables , dark bread or 'Bretzn' and, yes, beer. But the Great Lawn in Central Park and a bagel will also do fine, and if you like wine better than beer – well, I'm getting carried away…and you get the idea.

O'badzda is simple to make but challenging to translate, especially the name, especially for Germans. Bavarians aren't Germans, they only happen to live in Germany, reluctantly. They have their own language, relating to German as Scottish does to English – maybe worse. But it's very colorful.

If there were something like rules for written Bavarian the root of the word 'O'batzda' would be 'batzen'. Of course it is more like 'badsn' because the letter T doesn't exist in Bavarian. How can I help you pronounce it? Maybe with some Theo-philosophical help - by creating a new fusion philosophy. Add, Ba'hai and Zen : Ba'Zen. Don't forget the add: Baa'ddZen. Very good! You've got it. That was the easy part.

Want to get deeper into the philosophy of O'bazda? Read more about the grammar, etymology and ethnopsychoanalysis of a weird act resulting in a delicacy, and how to pronounce it without insulting anyone.

No? You are just plain hungry? Well, you'll miss the finer points, of course, but never mind. Go to the real thing, the recipe .