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Muuh Muuhkuh's Pollo Tonnato

The original recipe is for Vitello Tonnato, Veal in Tuna Sauce, but veal - I beg your pardon! So here is the chicken version.

2 lbs. chicken (if boneless, else more)
White wine
1 onion, 1 carrot, 1 parsnip, celery optional
2 egg yolks
Juice of 2 lemons or limes
1/2 to 1 cup olive oil
8 oz. tuna
6 salted anchovies
2 tablespoons pickled capers
Chicken or vegetable broth
Salt, pepper

Dice and sautee vegetables, add the chicken and cover with water and wine (the more wine, the tastier!), add salt and pepper, bring to a boil and and simmer it for an hour (less if you use small pieces). Let the chicken cool off in the broth.

Prepare a mayonnaise: Have the ingredients at room temperature so it doesn't fall apart. Beat the egg yolks until they are foamy, add lemon juice, salt and pepper. Slowly add the olive oil - blend a small portion with the egg yolk mixture, then proceed with the next small portion and so on until it has the desired firm consistency. Have a taste - this is very rich!

Puree tuna, anchovies, most of the capers, and just enough broth to achieve a creamy consistency (use a blender to make your life easier). Mix with the mayonnaise. Have a taste again - mmmh!

Cut the chicken into thin slices. Cover the bottom of a dish with the sauce, add a layer of chicken and proceed with layers until all is used up. Finish with a saucy layer and sprinkle more capers over it. Have a taste - no, leave some for later!

Cover and chill in the refrigerator before serving.