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Muuh, adventurous

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A culturally advanced cow like me will tend to choose cities as habitat.

Here I can be seen on one of my favorite corners in downtown Manhattan, with the latest loot from an addictive book store .

I must admit I seemed to be sleeping with open eyes when last spotted over an open book, but really, I was just pondering some intricate layers of meaning within the text.

Other pastimes include posing deep questions at public hearings ("Muuh???"), gallery openings ("But you will have to concede that the artist's expression was more authentic in her black and white period!"), and going to jazz concerts ("Muuh Note").
Here, however, I am presenting a brand new image of myself in Central Park.

Nothing like a Muuh-on-a-stick to gather your friends for a picnic when there is a concert by the Metropolitan Opera or the New York Philharmonic Orchestra .

The other day I actually secured the spot right in front of the stage! Will I become famous now?

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