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Worthy of the Guinness Book of Records : The cow with the most mileage! Take me on an exciting trip, and I'll love you! Muuh York was my residence of choice for a while, but Muuhnich, Muuhrocco, and Muuhritius weren't bad either.

I love to sit right by the windshield . If only my legs weren't so short I would make a phantastic (fast!!!) driver.
Riding in cars is nice, but my ambition is to try out as many different vehicles as possible. Bicycles, rickshaws, carriages, planes - the faster it moves the better. However, the hot air balloon was so exciting that for once I didn't even insist on speeding.
I know how to fly. Well, I sort of knew --- all those gadgets, like basecaps used as flying saucers, and those trails along the walls after a night of practicing --- oh well. No wonder I'd never let my "family" watch me doing it.

But look at me now, elegantly crossing the Hudson River towards Hoboken ! I don't mean to brag, but how many cows can do that??? In fact, I'm being very modest about it: This is the only picture I let them take of me flying.

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